Thursday, November 18, 2010

Letters From Santa And An Amazing Greeting From Santa Himself!

Up until now letters from Santa Claus were about all kids ever expected to receive from the old guy before Christmas. Oh, it’s true, some may receive a candy cane or two when they sit on his knee to tell him what they want for Christmas, but for most, if anything, they receive Santa letters. All of that is changing now.

Nowadays, thanks to technology and the Internet, and to some people that put a lot of thought into what would make amazing holiday surprises for kids, now kids can receive much more than simple letters from Santa. In addition to Santa letters kids can receive an actual greeting from Santa himself!

Imagine how your child will love watching Santa talk directly to him or her. Santa will tell your child that he made the Nice List this year because of good behavior. The reindeer will be mentioned. The greeting is absolutely adorable. Any kid would love to watch Santa talking to him.

Of course, receiving a package from Santa that contains the remarkable goodies is a special event. Besides Santa letters the platinum package will contain one of Mrs. Claus’ Famous Sugar Cookies. That’s Santa’s favorite snack you know! It will also hold a swatch of Santa’s suit and real reindeer food. But that’s not all. Your child will also get magic North Pole snow and a personalized Nice List Certificate. I’m sure I’ve missed something, but you get the idea.

Kids receive much more than Santa letters. They receive complete packages that help them prepare for the Christmas holiday. Think about it. Adults have their own ways of getting ready for Christmas. We have to ensure that we have a proper Christmas tree and that the lights and other decorations are in good working order. Kids have their own agenda. And much of that is focused on Santa Claus.

It may begin with writing letters to Santa. And then, of course, the kids desperately want letters from Santa in return. But Santa’s visit is also extremely important to kids. They want him to feel welcome. They also want to extend that welcome to his reindeer. By the way, I forgot to mention the Santa letter packages also contain a ‘Santa, Stop Here’ window decal.

Kids want to ensure that Santa and his reindeer will feel comfortable. That’s one of the reasons they leave out a snack and reindeer food. Many kids also leave a special note out for Santa. All of these things are part of what kids do to prepare for Christmas. Santa Claus is very important to them and they want him to know it. Since Santa insists that kids be in bed and asleep when he visits there are only so many things they can do to make him feel welcome.

Many kids will be leaving out a special cookie this year – one that will be familiar to Santa! You guessed it; one of Mrs. Claus’ Famous Sugar Cookies.

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