Sunday, August 24, 2014

Rainy Day Reading With Your Kids

Rainy Day Reading With Your Kids

Rainy Day Reading
The sky is gray, the clouds are dropping rain, and your ids are stuck inside bored. In this article we will discuss activities that will entertain your kids and make you the hero of the day.


The easiest activity to do with your children on a rainy day is to read together. Gather your kids in a snuggly place with some of their favorite books. If your children are very young simply read to them aloud from a book. Make sure that you hold the book so each child can see the pictures. If you have older children take turns reading or even better allow them to read to you. Not only will this be quality time for you and it will also help boost your child’s reading skills.

Telling Stories

Telling stories is a great way to keep your kids busy on a rainy day and it will spark their imagination. A fun way to do this is by having one person start out a story. This person should tell the beginning of the story for a minute or two. The next person will pick up where they left off adding their own twist to the story. Keep these stories going around the room from person to person. You will be surprised by how funny and outrageous the stories may become.

Another fun way to tell story is to write out words on a sheet of paper. Be sure to include nouns (person, place, or thing) and actions words like wiggle, jump, and so on. Next cut each out and fold it in half. Place all the folded words into a bowl. Each storyteller picks a few words out of the bowl to incorporate into the story. Continue this until the bowl is empty of words.

At the end of the story have your children make pictures about the story that was made. These can just be simple drawings using pencils and crayons. This will help your child’s imagination grow. While they are drawing ask them what they liked best about the story.

Reading and telling stories with each other will turn a gloomy rain day into a chance for bonding and building a stronger relationship with your kids. 

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Life Insurance … For Kids?

Life Insurance … For Kids?

Financial decisions are a part of life, and some are more difficult to discuss than others. One such issue is life insurance, in particular, concerns about life insurance for kids.  Many parents and grandparents have struggled with questions about the need for life insurance for kids. Should you buy life insurance policies for your children?
First and foremost, this is a topic that can be emotional and there can be good arguments for both, buying and for not buying life insurance on kids.
If this is a topic of interest to you, please keep reading.

Purpose of Life Insurance

For most people, the purchase of life insurance is made to be used as a means to either pay for funeral expenses or to replace a salary.
Given that, buying life insurance on kids is probably not a wise financial decision.

Thinking Deeper

As with most financial decisions, life insurance for kids is something that should be considered from different angles. Sadly, there is a possibility that a healthy child or one with a health issue, could develop serious illnesses later on, and in some cases, those illnesses may make that child ineligible for life insurance.

Fringe Benefits of Life Insurance for Kids

The most obvious benefit of life insurance for kids is funds for funeral expenses. But these policies can provide other benefits too.
As already mentioned, it can be a way to ensure against potential illnesses that can develop in the future – illnesses that could make a child ineligible for affordable life insurance policies.
In addition, some life insurance policies for kids may include a benefit that can help pay for college. However, in most cases, a savings account will offer better returns.


Your personal situation and circumstances should be considered when making decisions about life insurance for anyone, but perhaps especially when considering life insurance for kids.
In some situations, life insurance is a good choice. But in others, it may be wiser to add money to an emergency fund or savings account. Evaluate your particular situation and circumstances when making this and other financial decisions.
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Easy and Nutritious Meal Ideas

Fast, Easy and Nutritious Meal Ideas

Life has a way of keeping us busy. Most parents have little time left over to focus on planning and preparing nutritious meals. With that, it is very easy to simply throw up our hands and opt for fast food.
We understand and that’s why we are offering some fast, easy and nutritious meal ideas. We think you will agree that these options are excellent time-savers and even the pickiest eaters will enjoy them.

Breakfast Ideas

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – but even so, it can be difficult to find the time to prepare a breakfast, and in some cases, there may not be time to eat a healthy breakfast before heading out for the day.
Start with the idea of ‘fast and easy’. Cereal can be a very healthy choice. Just add some fruit and milk and your breakfast is ready. How about frozen waffles with peanut butter instead of syrup? Another option is toast with Nutella.
Instant breakfast drinks and breakfast bars can be healthy choices and they’re perfect for on-the-run consumption.

Morning & Afternoon Snacks

It’s easy to grab a bag of chips or candy bar for a snack – but you can do much better than that. Think fruit and vegetables, then add a bit of cheese and nuts and there you are – a healthy and nutritious snack!

Lunch Ideas

For lunch you can enjoy a variety of sandwich or wrap options, for instance, grilled cheese and tomato – you can even add turkey or chicken for added protein. Soups and or Salads are options for fast and nutritious lunches.

Dinner Ideas

If you own and use a crock pot you know the value of this appliance. With most dishes all you need to do is add the ingredients to the pot and let it do its magic. You can get the dish prepared in the morning (or night before), before you start your day. At dinner time all you need to do is prepare any side dishes desired – otherwise, the meal is ready to eat.
But finding the time for preparation in the mornings is not always easy. So you need to have other ideas too. For instance, baked potatoes. Well – baked in the microwave that is. Why not make it more fun and set up a ‘potato station’ so every member of the family can add toppings of their choice. You can add a garden salad and bread of your choice to create a healthy meal.
Tacos offer similar options for individual preferences which makes this meal choice fun and less of a hassle.
Everyone agrees that it’s important to eat healthy food choices, but finding the time is not always easy. The team at Package From Santa hopes this post has given you some ideas that will help!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

If your child will be starting kindergarten this year he/she (and you too!) may feel a bit apprehensive. Although starting school is fun and exciting, it can also be a bit scary. As a parent, you worry that your child will be comfortable and confident without you, and your child may have similar fears.
With that in mind we have pulled together a few things that will help make this important time easier for both of you. We have broken the content up into areas of development and offer some ways you can help your child feel more accomplished.

Language Skills and Development

Work with your child to develop his/her language skills. Take the time to play games related to ‘point and name’ when going through magazines or books. Read to your child on a daily basis and teach him that you read words from left to right. After reading to him ask your child some questions about the story. For instance, you can simply ask him what happened in the beginning of the story and how it ended.

The idea is to help your child develop helpful skills that will assist in learning.

Cognitive Skills and Development

Make learning fun. Practice counting – for example, count the number of books on a shelf, the items in a toy box or the shirts hanging in a closet. When you’re in the car you can count houses you pass by, cars, trucks, bill boards, etc. 

Take time to ensure your child knows colors. You can play games based on colors – such as, ask her to find two items in the room that are blue or three toys that have the color red on them. To help her learn about colors you can review a box of crayons or even let your child help you sort laundry according to colors.

Kids also need to learn things like up and down, high and low, on and off, and shapes. So take the time to point out circles, squares, rectangles and triangles. You can help him cut out shapes using kid-safety scissors.

Arts & Crafts Skills and Development

Let your kids spend time working on various craft projects. This helps them develop skills in everything from drawing to using glue, and all the while, these projects help your kids get in touch with their creative side.

Social Skills and Development

Sometimes it can be the little things that seem to be problematic. Be sure your kid understands how to treat other people with respect. Play dates with other kids can be especially helpful with this. For instance, he should know that it is important to take turns when playing games and after play time everyone needs to pitch in with the clean-up.
Working with your child will help make it easier for him as he starts school. Your child will feel more comfortable and confident and you will be more at ease while he is away at school.
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