Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Day

Christmas Day: Celebrating With the Kids

Most people will spend Christmas Eve enjoying a delicious Christmas dinner. Family members may then gather around the tree and sing Christmas carols. Story telling is sometimes part of the activities during Christmas Eve. It is an enjoyable time for adults, but maybe not so much for the children. The kids are restless. They’ve already sent letters to Santa and now it’s time to find out if those Christmas wishes will come true.

On Christmas Eve parents everywhere encourage their kids to get to sleep early so Santa can come and leave their presents. While the children sleep, parents scurry back and forth, leaving presents under the Christmas tree. Christmas day is definitely an exciting and happy event for all.

Christmas Day: A Magical Time for Kids

Most kids enjoy Christmas Day more than Christmas Eve. On Christmas day, the children get to open all their gifts and presents. Some presents are from family members, relatives and friends. The gifts are nice but children always prefer the wonderful and exciting presents brought by Santa Claus. As soon as the children wake up, they rush to look over the presents under the Christmas tree.

Before the Opening Begins…

Children want to open their presents right away. It is hard to keep everything organized and orderly. You can set a tradition before the opening of the presents. Gather the family and say a short thanksgiving prayer to bless all who gave those gifts and presents. It will be hard to keep the children quiet and silent but with a little bit of patience and perseverance, you might be able to instill this as a family tradition.

By now everybody is excited and waiting to start opening the presents. You should ask people to check the presents first and find out if there are greeting cards attached to the present. The gift might be from a family member, relative or friend. You need to know who gave the gift so you can send thank you cards to them.

This may take some additional control because everyone wants to start opening the gifts. You will have to organize and oversee the opening of the gifts to ensure the greeting cards are catalogued properly and not strewn around. You should keep track of the ongoing activities even if you are just as excited and impatient in opening your gifts.

Time to Eat!

After all the presents are opened, it is time for breakfast or brunch. Aside from the Christmas Eve dinner, you can have another feast on Christmas day itself or you can simply enjoy a casserole that will make cooking an easy task. 

The ambiance of Christmas Day is unique. All will be talking about their presents. Children are busy playing with their toys which is a good thing because parents are exhausted from their late night of being Santa.

Christmas is a great time for family bonding. Don't forget to take pictures of a happy and enjoyable time. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Crafts for the Kids

Christmas Crafts for the Kids

During the holidays, children can become very difficult to control. They are full of energy. You can keep the children busy with making Christmas crafts. Children enjoy making all sorts of crafts to brighten the holiday spirit. Here are a few crafts that will interest the children.
Christmas balls and ornaments always give a thrill to kids.

Simple Tree Ornaments

You can decorate plain Christmas tree ornaments or get some small balls, such as used golf balls and ping pong balls for the children to decorate. They can paint faces and caricatures on the balls. You can then put strings on the balls and hang them on the branches. You can use photo software to make small pictures of each family member. The children can paste the small pictures on the balls.

If the pictures are slightly large, you can paste them on used tennis balls. Be sure the branches are sturdy and firm to hold the tennis balls. Tennis balls are heavier than ping pong balls. You can buy plain Styrofoam balls from the store and have the kids paint them with various colors using paint or markers. You can also glue on sequins, buttons, and other decorations. 
Adding sequins and other shiny items to the ornaments will add interest, as the balls will reflect the Christmas lights and glisten in the night. The great thing about making Christmas balls is that the kids will see their handiwork hanging on the Christmas tree during the entire Christmas season. It will make them feel proud and happy that they contributed in preparing the Christmas tree.

Letters to Santa

Another simple craft is making a Santa letter. Children believe in Santa. They will enjoy writing letters to Santa and telling him to bring their gifts. Explain to the children the letter should not be a simple list of gifts. They should color the letter and paint pictures on the letter.

Reading a colorful letter with lots of pictures will make Santa very joyful. The children can use crayons and watercolor paint on thick construction paper.  You can guide the children in making the pictures. 

Christmas Calendar

One craft that can be used the whole year round is a calendar. You can have the children make a calendar, allowing one page for each month of the year. They can highlight specific dates for significant events, like birthdays and holidays. Aside from the regular dates, they can put numbers to serve as a countdown to the next Christmas.

Making crafts can be very interesting and exciting, and craft projects can be as beautiful as they are inexpensive. Joining the kids in making the crafts can result in a lot of bonding time with them. It can be a great way to create Christmas memories that will be cherished for years to come.  Making crafts is a fabulous way to be imaginative and creative as you enjoy the holiday season.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Day Games: Make the Day About Having Fun!

Thanksgiving Day Games: Make the Day About Having Fun!

Thanksgiving is the day families get together. They enjoy the closeness and companionship of the family. They share their life and experiences. Games are one way of sharing and enjoying the camaraderie of one another.

Get Everyone Involved

When you mix fun games in with the festive feelings and great food, everyone will enjoy the frivolity of the holiday. You can set up different types of outdoor and indoor games so each family member and guest can participate in the fun. The children as well as adults can have an enjoyable time playing and competing with one another.

Outdoor Fun

If you have a large yard you can set up different outdoor games. You can prepare a putting and pitching area for the golf enthusiasts. They can show off their golfing skills or practice for their next golf tournaments.

If there are sufficient family members and visitors, a baseball or basketball game could be an interesting and challenging game. Depending on the weather and other circumstances, games like badminton, kickball and even volleyball may be options. 

Indoor Fun

If the weather is not conducive for outdoor games, you can play different types of indoor games. Ping Pong is a game that can be played by everybody and it can rouse a lot of friendly rivalry between family members.  You could also consider card games or board games like monopoly, chess and checkers, and various word games. The dictionary and Pictionary games can be highly entertaining and educational.

In the dictionary game, a person picks an unusual word from the dictionary and everybody tries to guess the meaning. The person who guesses the exact meaning or comes closest to it is the winner. The Pictionary game involves drawing a picture and everybody tries to guess the word represented by the picture. This game can be used to bring out the drawing talents and skills of the family member.

If the house is large, you could hold a scavenger hunt indoors. Be sure all your breakable items are stored safely away. You can designate the search area for the scavenger hunt. If there are many toddlers in the family, you may want to organize a special scavenger hunt just for them.

Another great idea for younger guests is a turkey tag game. The turkey tag game involves having someone put feathers in his back pocket and having the other players try to grab the feathers from the person.  The winner is the one with the most feathers.

You can play a turkey hunt game that is similar to the Easter egg hunt. Just take the time to draw different turkey shapes on construction paper and hide them around the yard. In fact, you can let the kids make the turkey shapes and be responsible for hiding them. The player who finds the most turkey drawings is declared the winner. 
Video games can be fun for all ages. If you are concerned that only a few people can participate you can set a timer that gives each player a set amount of time to build points. This adds to the fun and helps ensure that everyone can play.

Pick your games well. Remember the games are intended to promote camaraderie and closeness among your guests. The team at Package From Santa will continue providing great holiday tips and ideas, so please visit often.